A Target of Cyber Attacks: New Zealand

Cyber Attacks in New Zealand

In the age where the world seems to have moved online. Cyber-attacks are not at all unexpected. It is amazing to know quite a number of New Zealand’s businesses are of the notion that they are less prone to cyber-attacks compared to other nations of the world. Well, the reason for this widely held belief, one wouldn’t totally know but research has proven otherwise.

The truth is there is no country immune to cyber-attacks and New Zealand is just as susceptible to it as any other country with a strong online commerce base. Cyber stunts are constantly being pulled by hackers and all over the world at every point in time.


Cyber Attacks Statistics

In a survey that was conducted including over 200 players in New Zealand’s IT industry and a number of people in its IT world. It was discovered that only less than 50 percent agreed to the fact that New Zealand was under attack. Obviously, they are the few that understand what the current cyberspace in New Zealand is saying. The other approximately 60 percent feel New Zealand is less prone to cyber-attacks. 6 in ten aren’t certain that they have the cyber red and white blood cells to withstand attacks, as asserted by Bailey.

Looking at the statistical sheets of this survey, New Zealand is indeed under attack. It has been discovered that 40 businesses are sure to receive up to five or less than five attacks every 3 months. These attacks could be in form of phishing or Ransomware. A lesser 20% claim they receive more than 5 attacks and 10% claim 15 attacks per quarter. Bailey asserts that cyber thieves are as much as legitimate businesses. It does not matter whether your website is geo-blocked, a VPN New Zealand exists. Online, there is a vulnerability to both local and foreign attacks.

They use AI tools and other technological aids to spot loopholes and exploit them. It is necessary to avoid this breach.  67% of respondents believe that the budget for cybersecurity will experience a rise. Policies and training are currently being undertaken but it would be surprising as mentioned earlier that 6 out of ten businesses cannot boast of a strong defense against these cyber-attacks. Only four can effectively defend its self. This means that only 40% of business is relatively safe. We might be able to establish a connection between the belief of people about cybersecurity and their ability to defend themselves. Earlier, we noticed that only 40% claimed New Zealand was under attack. It might follow that these forty percent are the ones capable of cyber defense.

When we compare these figures mentioned to the reality in Australia, we see that the figure there is a little bit high up with a few percentages. There’s a stricter regulatory body seeing to cyber issues. Also, an impressive over 80% of Australian businesses have cyber-breach training policies. The reason for the difference in these figures could be as a result of the percentage of businesses anticipating attacks in these two places. While 36% of Australian business do, only precisely 27% of New Zealand’s businesses are constantly anticipating any attack.

Importance of cybersecurity

In the evaluation of the impact of security breaches, more Australian business are armed with the information and this assertion is validated by the fact that  49% of New Zealand respondents held the opinion that their country is was on a down low as regards cybersecurity while a lesser number of 43% are of that opinion in Australia.

Cybersecurity is as important in New Zealand as it is in most developed nations. It is a myth that iser attack are not being against businesses in New Zealand and if proper measures are not taken, these Cyber attacks are sure to experience an astronomical trajectory.